Sunday, 18 July 2010

Spirograph I and Spirograph III

As promised, I've taken photos of the front of the Spirograph I panel, and as a bonus, Spirograph III too!  So without further ado, and with the usual apologies for the standard of the photographs, here's I:

A close-up, with the light catching the gold:

Spirograph III:

And another close-up:

Both of them need a backing putting on, along with a hanging mechanism, which is why they were just propped up on a dining chair for these photos.  That's all a bit more mundane and less fun than goldwork, but it has to be done.


  1. Lovely work, as usual! What will you do with them?

  2. Sell them, I hope! If anyone's interested, get in touch..,

  3. I think that mounting them was definitly the right thing to do. I don't think that you would have got that incredible shine on the gold if it was not under tension. They are looking fabulous.