Monday, 13 June 2011

Panel number 3

Time to set up the third panel, the right-hand one.

All the flowers are embroidered, so the first step to get everything ready is to damp stretch them:

If you spotted that one of the sheets of ferns has half a side of pins missing, you're doing a lot better than me - I didn't notice until the next day, when I came to take them out again.  This is what happens when you do things late at night after a long day at work.  Still, if this is the worst that happens, it's not too bad, and it acts as a warning to always double-check that things are as they ought to be.

As with the previous two panels, I'm placing the applied flowers by eye using a grid as a guide, so I needed to mark out the grid on the design:

And the fabric itself:

All ready to go!


  1. Damp stretching the 'sheet' of motifs. Do tell why?

  2. To get them nice and flat, without the risk of damaging them if you're not careful with ironing. Damp stretching gives a far better finish than ironing anyway, much flatter, with more control over shaping.

    Knitters call the process blocking, I believe, and I've written a couple of posts previously describing the process in more detail if you hunt about a bit.