Sunday, 24 July 2011

Edging a milestone

For the first time, I've finished a part of the Banner.  Just a small part, I admit, but it feels like a major breakthrough - from now on, more and more things will be 'the last', until it's finally all finished. The end is in sight!

Well, it is if you use a very long lens, anyway.  Closer up, here's the various little flowers to the right of the panel edged in gold:

Then the three ferns:

And finally - hooray! - the last ever foxglove:

As its stem is already done, that's it finished - there's no more work to be done on it, and there are no more foxgloves to do.  Wow.

So, here's all the right hand bits and pieces together:

And all work so far - everything on the panel with the edging completed:

Stems next.


  1. Isn't it great to have the end in sight? all the pieces look so much more finished when edged with gold. Well, duh! Isn't that the point?

  2. I bet those milestones feel good!