Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The final, FINAL sheet of flowers

Well, the big day is finally here: I have finished stitching all of the flowers for the Banner.  This is momentous enough to be documented in detail, I think, so here goes.

The last sheet of flowers to do is the cowslip that'll go in the centre of the top panel:

I outlined the cups at the base of the individual flowers in buttonhole stitch in Madeira stranded cotton 1409, and added detail in split stitch, using three strands of 1410:

I then filled in the rest of the cups in split stitch, using two strands of 1409:

I then outlined the flowers themselves, using Madeira 0105:

To give a sense of the 'inside' of the flower, I filled in the central section of each one in a slightly darker shade, 0106:

I then added shading, using one strand of 0106 and one of 0105:

And filled in the rest of the flowers with 0105:

I then filled in the little gaps that are too small and fiddly to cut out in red, Madeira 0510 (you can't tell when they're on the velvet background, honest!):

Then the same process for the leaves - the outlines, in Madeira 1410:

The leaf veins, in three strands of 1412:

And then filling in the rest, using a combination of 1411 and 1410, to give a shaded effect:

And that's it!  No more flowers.  Wow.  I still have to add them to the background fabric and do all the goldwork, of course, but all the same, this is a major milestone.  Not long to go now!


  1. So, have you thought much about what your NEXT project is going to be, after so long on the banner?

  2. Congratulations on reaching this point. You must be feeling excited about reaching the finish point now.

  3. @Elmsley Rose: I haven't really got anything planned - after all this time, it's hard to imagine life without the Banner. There's a UK Embroiderers' Guild national project for the Olympic year that I'd like to do something for, but other than that, I'm not sure. I need to start making plans!

    @coral-seas: yes, the finishing line is now almost in sight, though not quite. Making the Banner up is going to be a bit of a job in itself, so keep reading!

  4. Isn't it so nice to have all these "finals"? It's going to be absolutely magnificent!

  5. I just discovered that if you scroll quickly down this post, it's kinda like the flowers are coming to life, as the outline, centres etc are added. Cool effect! *grin*

  6. Hey, I'll have to give that a go!