Saturday, 17 March 2012

Assembling the shell

With all nine sections of the shell ready, it was time to stitch them together to make the final piece.

If I'd got my maths right, the thin end of one section should fit into the wide end of the section before it.  Starting with the smallest ones first, I used a curved needle to stitch the first two pieces together:

With each one, I stitched round twice, to make sure it was secure.

Then the third one:

They're fitting together ok so far!

Two-thirds of the way there, with six sections stitched together:

With the seventh one, as well as stitching it to the previous section as before, I also stitched it to the first section, which it overlapped.  This is to keep the spiral form from unravelling:

I did the same with the last couple of sections, to give the completed piece:


I'll take some better photos of it, so you can see it a bit clearer


  1. Looking great! I definitely need to get some of those curved needles. They certainly look handy.

  2. Sparkly and textured - great to see!

  3. How fun! It's a pity we can't see the sparkle that it must have. Some sunlit photos? :-) :-)