Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Lindisfarne Beasts: all the dog

The dog is done, or at least his outline.

First the inner line of his front leg:

And then his neck:

The first of the birds next.


  1. That's a very tangled up dog, isn't it!

  2. It'll get a lot more tangled up when the birds appear!

  3. It's a gorgeous design and I'm with you on the Gutermann thread. I realy like the effect the Gutermann gives but hate the fact it shreds, but I haven't found another metallic thread yet that gives me that effect so I put up with it too!

  4. The dog is coming along nicely, will the birds be in the same shade of gold?

  5. They will yes; this is just edging for the colours that'll be along later.