Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Lindisfarne Beasts: second bird - and all the gold

Things are coming along well, and I've now finished all of the gold outlining (inner and outer lines) for the second bird.

Outer neck and head:

Leg and foot:


and tail:

Then the same again for the inner line.  First the neck and head:

The leg and foot (which looks even more squashed up than the first one.  It should be fine with the colour added - I hope!):

and the body, complete with feathers:

That's all of the gold done - next time, we can start to see some colour!


  1. *Boys Light Up!*
    (which would be a reference to a classic Australian rock song). Bird and Dog in this case :-)

  2. PS I was being too obscure. I was referring to the glitter of the Gutermann that you can see in the pic enlargement.