Friday, 8 February 2013

Lindisfarne Beasts: completed

The embroidery was already finished, but to finish the piece I needed to do a few more final bits and pieces.

I first damp stretched it, to get it nice and wrinkle-free:

I've had a frame in mind for this from that start, and had made sure that the piece of linen I was using for the embroidery was the right size to fit.  I retrieved it from the cupboard, and got it ready:

Using the mount board that came with the frame, I pinned the fabric in place:

and mitred the corners:

And then laced the back tightly:

Here it is from the front, nicely stretched:

And finally, in the frame, on display:


I'm going to enter it for the the Embroiderers' Guild exhibition in Durham Cathedral later this year - I'll let you know whether it's accepted.


  1. Be-au-ti-full!!!
    Good luck for the exhibition.

  2. Beautiful! I very much enjoy seeing your progress on projects like this.

  3. Well done! All the best with application. I mean, dare they reject it given who stitched St Cuthbert's banner???=)

  4. There's no favouritism in the Embroiderers' Guild!

  5. It's lovely! Thanks for showing us the progress.

  6. Congratulations! Great job on the lacing too, the framing looks great. Good luck with the exhibition application.