Sunday, 9 February 2014

Druid banner - appliqué trilithon

Time to start the trilithon, the 'Stonehenge' motif that forms the heart of the design.

This is appliqué, using white duchess silk satin, which has a beautiful sheen to it.  I first traced the shapes from the design drawing, and cut them out in a lightweight Vilene.  I should stress that this is not Bondaweb or any other iron-on interfacing.  I really don't like the way that makes fabric feel - it's too stiff and inflexible.

This means, though, that I have to find some way to cope with the tendency of a fabric such as the satin to fray when cut out.  This is what the Vilene (or felt, which I use for appliqué a lot) is for - I cut that to the correct size, cut the fabric out slightly larger, and fold the margin round the back of the Vilene, tacking it in place:

Here's one tacked piece and a second Vilene piece, still with the tracing paper attached:

As ever, I went over the design on the back with small running stitches to transfer it to the front fabric, as a guide for positioning:

I then stitched the first upright section into place:

And the second:

And finally the cross-piece along the top:

That's just the start, though - this now needs to be integrated into the spiral design.  That's next!


  1. It's starting to look really beautiful!

  2. That white is so stark against the rest of the banner that I am really waiting to see the next step.
    I am sure it will be gorgeous !