Thursday, 13 November 2014

Acanthus leaf sample - completed

As this is just a sample piece I'm not making it up into anything, but I still want to finish it off nicely and put it on a background.  The first step towards that is to paint diluted PVA glue on the back:

It's still damp there so the colours look a little darker.

Once that had dried properly I then cut it out, which was a bit fiddly but OK:

I should say that the glue on the back is strong enough to hold the stitching together, but thin enough for the the embroidery to still be flexible; it's not at all stiff.

I then applied this to a cream silk satin background, then added a plain backing, just to cover the stitches and make it look neat:


I like it - I'm pleased with how it's turned out.


  1. It's lovely. The shading so beautifully subtle.

  2. Hello Ruth
    That is very very nice. What do you plan to do with this lovely piece of art ?

  3. Nothing really - it's just a test piece to practice this new technique and see what the possibilities are.