Sunday, 11 April 2010

Spirograph I - goldwork finished

All the goldwork embroidery on the first of the Spirograph hangings is now finished! Here's the final spiral, completed:

I've now taken the hanging off the frame, so we can finally see the whole thing. A warning first, though: it hasn't been stretched or pressed yet, so it's not looking its best. I'll damp stretch all the hangings later, when I come to assemble them. Anyway, bearing that proviso in mind, here it is:

I'm pleased with it, overall. It'll look a lot better stretched, but even so, I think it's worked out well.

To have a change from goldwork for a bit, I'm going to make a couple of cushion covers next, just for fun!


  1. Hello Ruth,
    your spirographs are very gorgeous..inspiring me to do one..


  2. It's beautiful, Ruth! Great work.