Friday, 5 November 2010

Wood avens leaves

There are sets of leaves to go with the wood avens flowers, and it's those that I'm doing next.  I'd done two sheets of transfers for them, but they're smaller than some of the others, so I decided to iron them both onto the same piece of linen:

This has lead to a slightly odd layout, but never mind.

As they need to work with the existing flowersI'm doing them in the same shades of green, Madeira stranded cotton 1410 and 1411, though I'm also using the slightly darker 1412 in one place.

As usual, I started by buttonhole stitching around the edges, in the lighter shade, 1410:

As the leaves are quite a complicated shape, I needed to take extra care to keep the sawtooth edges nice and sharp.

As you can see, on the transfer the veins in the centres of the leaves are marked on; I stitched these in a single line of split stitch in the darkest shade, 1412.  To make sure the line was quite definite, I used three strands rather than the usual two:

And in close up:

With those in place, I can now fill in the rest of the leaves.

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