Saturday, 30 October 2010

Wood avens - petals and centres

I've finished the second sheet of wood avens.

After buttonhole stitching round the edges of the petals:

I added the first band of stitches in the palest shade.  I put more in than last time, to give a slightly more pronounced effect:

Then a band with one strand of the paler and one of the (slightly) darker colour:

Then finally finishing off the petals with split stitch using the darker shade:

Finally, I filled in the centres with French knots in green, and the darkest yellow I'm using on these flowers, a shade darker than the petals:

Here's the full sheet, completed:


  1. These are so pretty, and your technique is excellent. You are really moving along on these!

  2. Thanks, but it doesn't feel like it - it feels like I've still got SO MUCH still to do. Still, I have a schedule and I'm sticking to it (so far), so it should all be ok. I hope!