Thursday, 30 December 2010

...and to the left

Same again, but to the left of the cowslips this time.  A few stems added:

A few more flowers linked up:

Leaves and ferns joined together:

All done:

That's the lot for the bottom panel.  Hooray!  Here's the full panel, completed:

This still has the layout grid on, of course, but with that removed, all that's left are the flowers, as they'll appear on the the finished Banner:

You can't tell in the photo, but the tacking stitches for the grid have left slight impressions in the velvet.  I think this should largely solve itself and the pile of the fabric bounce back, so I'll leave it alone for a while and see how it gets on, but I may have to intervene.  I've got ideas on what to do if need be, but does anyone have any tips?

I must admit that I'm pleased with how it's turned out - it's as close to a pretty tricky design as I could get, and I think it works well. It's quite a relief!

Back to the beginning now, though, and the start of the second panel...


  1. Hold a steam iron near -but not touching- the surface, brushing the pile up if needed with a finger or toothbrush, etc. The steam should do it.

  2. Just gorgeous! I like the ferns now, they actually look like real leaves. How about a bit of steam for the velvet? Or maybe just a humid room?

  3. Congratulations! It looks lovely!
    And I was going to say the same thing about the velvet.

    Always google "raising pile on velvet" for extra clues?

  4. It is looking gorgeous...hope you find a solution to raising the pile.