Monday, 20 December 2010

Edging the rest of the flowers

I've been stitching for hours, trying to get caught up on the bottom panel of the Banner.  My (self-imposed) deadline for completion was Saturday, so I'm afraid I've missed it already. Still, I'm doing the best I can, and I hope to get at least partially back on track over the next couple of weeks.

As part of that, I've got all of the rest of the flowers on the panel edged.  Here are a few done to the left of the cowslip:

And a few more:

And then the wood avens flowers and leaves:

And then the very last fern:

So here's the full panel, completely edged:

That's a big step forwards, but it's not finished - there are all the stems still to add...


  1. You're doing well - keep going! We're all cheering you on. :-)

  2. Yay! Done!

    I was thinking "gorgeous, but I bet she goes mad doing all the edging, after embroidering all those similar motifs". Only temporary madness of course, and it will be so special once it's done!

  3. Unfortunately, once this panel is done, there are still another three to go. The madness may very well be permanent by then!

  4. Oh you poor thing. But your madness will have produced beauty. Think of yourself as one of those New Romantic Poets (but don't take up laudanum!)

  5. Megan - where's that "Like" button, for the laudanum comment?