Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Couched gold stems and tendrils

All of the flowers have goldwork stems, plus there are some 'stems' that aren't related to any particular flower, which for want of a better term I'm going to refer to as tendrils.  The one for the foxglove was done before the flowers themselves were added, so that they could be positioned on top of it, and I've done the ones for the first few ferns, but there are still a lot to go.

They're all done in the same way - a double gold thread, closely couched with a single strand of embroidery cotton - and all the remaining stems to the left of the panel will be couched using Madeira 1410.  I started with a single pearlwort:

I'm not keen on the bend in this as I think it looks a bit awkward, but it's actually  pretty close to the line on the design, so I'll claim it was meant to be like that!

The pearlwort has a couple of tendrils round it:

As does the top fern:

And between the foxglove and a fern:

The wood avens in the centre have their stems:

And so do the little pearlworts:

There are a few tendrils too, giving quite a complex tangle of goldwork:

Here's the left section, with all the couched gold stems and tendrils in place:

And as ever, here's all work so far:

It's really coming together now, isn't it!

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