Sunday, 7 August 2011

Goldwork stalks and tendrils

My internet connection has miraculously righted itself, with no intervention from me or anyone else, which I think demonstrates that it was at my ISP's end all along, as I've been telling them.  I'm a bit nervous about whether it's back for good, however, so I'd better write this post quickly, just in case!

While I've been quiet I've been making good progess with the various couched gold stalks and tendrils.  There are the first three ferns, the ones on the left:

Then the stalks for a couple of flowers and a tendril or two:

A tangle of tendrils:

The cowslip and a pearlwort:

And the three central ferns:

So here's all work so far:

See, I really have been busy!


  1. Couching in the stalks (relatively quick) must be so satisfying in bringing the section of the banner 'together'! :-)

  2. You tell those ISP people! The tendrils are coming along beautifully! Our ISP tells us to periodically unplug our connection and try again. Now, how silly is that?

    You are doing such beautiful work and once again I will have to say, I can't wait to see the whole project. This is so long and involved but I've loved every posting.

  3. It's amazing how putting in the stems makes the whole panel seem suddenly much nearer completion, isn't it!

  4. Definitely busy! The tendrils are so delicate but they really bring the whole piece together.