Thursday, 10 January 2013

Lindisfarne Beasts: dog outline

Back to the sewing today, after my excursion into screen printing.

With the birds finished, it's time to start adding the colour to the dog.  I want another bright colour, but different to the ones I've already used, so this time, for the outline, I'm going for a bright emerald green, Madeira 1301.

Here's the outline for most of his front end:

And his front leg too:

Then most of his back end:

And his other back leg:

Then finally his tail and ear, also in 1301, and his muzzle and eye, in 1306:

There's only the inner section to do now, though there is quite a lot of it.  I think another bright colour here might be a bit much with everything else, so I think I'll tone it down a bit.


  1. It's coming along BEAUTIFULLY! I absolutely love the colors, Ruth! Such fun to follow this project - it has me thinking about Celtic ornament!