Sunday, 9 May 2010

@ and & cushions - making up

I've finished making up both the cushions, and I'm very pleased with how they've turned out.  They're both for sale, so if you're interested, have a look below.

I'd wanted to try an alternative method that wouldn't involve inserting a zip (I do not like inserting zips!), and it's been very successful.

I tried it out in calico first, just in case; the front was just a straightforward square, but the back was formed of two sections that overlapped by about 10 cm (4") or so.

Stitched and turned right side out, the overlap looks neat:

It's easy to get the cushion pad in and out, but the overlap is big enough for the pad not to be seen or to become dislodged.

So, that's the mechanics out of the way, here are the finished cushions:

The cushions are each 41cm (16") square, and are silk matka with silk satin appliqué (the back is a plain  black cotton upholstery fabric), with a feather pad.  In more detail...

The @ cushion:

The & cushion:

This is my favourite, I must admit.

Blog readers can have first refusal before they're available for sale anywhere else.  They're each £49 plus postage - if anyone's interested, drop me a line at  I hope you like them!

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