Sunday, 30 May 2010

Spirograph III - winding on the frame

I've now finished the first two spirals in the Spirograph III hanging:

These are at opposite ends of the frame, but they're both over towards the same side.  The rest of the design is over to the other side.

All of which is fine, but my frame isn't wide enough to get everything visible in one go.  This means the palaver of taking out the lacing up the sides of the fabric, taking the bars off the stretchers (though not the fabric off the bars, which is something), rolling the fabric round one of the bars and unrolling it from the other, putting them back on the stretchers, and lacing it all up again.  Phew!

This is always a bit of a chore with a smaller frame, but with one this size it's a real effort, especially on my own, so big thanks to my mum, who gamely volunteered to come round and help me with it.  It made a big difference!

So, thanks to our combined efforts, here's the current state of play, from the back so you can see what remains to be done:

The biggest spiral only just fits between the bars; I think it would have been very difficult to stitch if it had been too big, at least if I'd wanted to maintain the effect of it all being one continuous line.  Happily, it just squeezes in.

Close up, you can see more detail, or in some places, a lack of detail:

In some places, the transfer hasn't come out too well, so I'll need to draw the lines in with a pencil.  Worse, in other places, the transfer has shifted slightly, and there are two lines where there should just be one.  I stitched all round the individual spirals when I tacked the transfer to the linen to try and prevent this happening, and while I'm sure it minimised it, it didn't eliminate it all the way together.  I'll just have to decide which one looks the best and aim for that one when I come to stitch it.


  1. I can appreciate your problem with the frame!
    My foot long Elizabethan sampler just fits in my Eva-Tite frame. But I want to do a border around the edge - so will have to buy some Eva-Tites a couple of inches bigger.
    At least putting the piece on Eva-Tites is a lot easier than lacing. Still a nuisance tho!

  2. I also appreciate what a task framing up can be. I prefer to frame my Japanese Embrodery when my husband is able to give me a hand.

    Will the stitched gold not be damaged by being rolled around the bars?

    The largest spiral looks enormous, what is its diameter?

  3. @coral-seas: I hope not! Only one of the already worked spirals is actually affected, and that not very much (one side is partially around a bar), so I'm hoping I can get away with it. This was an issue with the first hanging too; although that hasn't been damp-stretched yet, it doesn't look as though it's caused a problem. All the same, I did things this way round, with the two small spirals first, just in case, so I'm taking a risk with the least amount of stitching.

    As for the largest spiral, it's 44cm (17.5") in diameter, so yes, it *is* enormous! The frame itself is 149cm (58.5") long, which is why I really need a hand when setting it up.