Monday, 4 October 2010

Wood avens

The next sheet I'm going to do is of wood avens (Geum urbanum). Wood avens, also called herb bennet, is a pretty flower with yellow petals and pronounced green sepals.  Visually, it has rather more going on than the pretty but rather plain St John's-wort/pearlwort I've just done, so has a little more opportunity for shading and contrast.

I've got two sheets of these to do for the bottom panel; here's the first one with the transfer ironed onto linen, which has then been mounted onto the frame:

I'm using exactly the same repertoire of stitches as before, and also as before, I'm doing the sepals - the green bits - first so the petals will overlap them.  I'm using two shades of green for the sepals, Madeira stranded cotton numbers 1410 and 1411, and buttonhole stitched round the edges of the six flowers on the sheet with the lighter of the two, 1410.

In close up:

They're going to be paler round the edges, shading into the darker colour towards the centre.  I'll be doing that in split stitch next.

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