Friday, 16 December 2011

The front of the Banner - finishing

I still needed to do the same finishing to the front panel as I did to the back, so as before, I herringbone stitched the seams flat on the back to neaten things up:

And this time, I added a signature, stitching one of my woven labels onto the seam below the cross:

You never know, maybe a textile conservator of the future will find it one day!

The corner seams cut across the goldwork stems a little, so to make it all more integrated, I added a small amount of extra stitching over the seams:

So, here it is with what really was the last of the embroidery done:

All that was left to do was to add the braid around the central panel:

And it’s done!

Next – the interlining.


  1. It is so very exciting to see the banner finally coming together. I hope your signature will last for hundreds of years and someone will see it someday in the future. Is that braid around the white square? Whatever it is, it complements it beautifully.