Friday, 23 December 2011

St Cuthbert's Banner - presenting it to the Northumbrian Association

With the Banner completed, it was time to say goodbye to it, and hand it over to the client, the Northumbrian Association.

Marion Bridgewood, the Association's Vice-Chairman and the person who's arranged and coordinated the entire Banner project (I'm not the only person involved, by any means), and John Danby, the Chairman, came to collect it:

I'm pleased and relieved to say that they were very happy with it!

The Association commissioned the Banner for presentation to Durham Cathedral; it'll now be taken to the Cathedral for safe keeping, until it's dedicated on St Cuthbert's Day, 20 March 2012. All being well, after that it'll be on display in the Cathedral itself, but I think discussions are still going on about the arrangements.

In January, all the project team, plus members of the Association, the Banner's sponsor, and representatives of the Cathedral will get together to put the Banner, the carrying pole, and the silver bells and fittings together for the first time - I can't wait to see it!

I'm going to have a completely sewing-free break for a few days, but I'll return in the New Year with a special competition to celebrate finishing my work on the Banner, so look out for that.

Before then, have a fantastic festive season, whatever you celebrate, and however you celebrate it.  See you next year!


  1. Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year! Those happy smiling faces are a great way to end the year.

  2. oh! You didn't get to live with it and admire all your hard work for very long at all, did you!
    But to see it next all assembled, and in front of a crowd .... how exciting!

    Merry Christmas to you to, dear Lady.

  3. It's a fabulous piece - well done!

    And Happy Christmas and New Year!

  4. What a beauty! After all this time, it's finally completed. What a great Christmas present for the cathedral. You should be very proud of the skilled work you put into this! Merry Christmas!

  5. Wow! Well done! It really is the most sumptuous banner and an incredible achievement. I have enjoyed so much following it through, stage by stage, and the finished article is a joy!

  6. Congratulations on completeing such a long journey. You should be rightfully proud of yourself :)
    Have you made a book from all your posts on the creation of the bsnner.? I'm sure the Cathedral would love it for their archives and for stitchers of the future:)
    Again Congratulations
    Regards Phillipa

  7. Fiona, the designer, is working on something, I believe, as part of her work with Northumbria University. She took photos and videos of me in action, and the other craftspeople involved (the silversmith, wood turner, etc) too. I haven't seen any of their work yet, so I'm as interested as everyone else to see what they've been up to!