Saturday, 12 April 2014

Druid banner - putting it together (part 1)

Time to start putting the banner together.

The banner is lined with a piece of quite heavy cotton canvas cut to the final size, to give it some weight and support; the banner itself will be assembled around this.

After thoroughly damp-stretching both the front and the pack panels, I attached the bottom hem of the fabric forming the back of the banner (a plain green with no embroidery) to the canvas using herringbone stitch:

I then stitched the canvas to the back fabric with a few widely-separated stitches:

This is a bit tricky as I don't want the stitches to be visible on the surface, but necessary to make the banner one single piece, rather than a collection of bits of fabric moving independently.  Small stitches, done very carefully!

With that done, I could hem the other three sides, again using herringbone stitch to attach it to the canvas, and mitre the corners:

The banner will hang from a bar along the top, so a series of tabs need to be added for this to pass through.  Using the same green cotton sateen fabric as the main body of the banner, I cut eight equal-sized pieces and lined them with linen:

Then machine-stitched the long edges together:

Turned right side out and pressed, with the seam down the centre of one side:

Six of the them were then folded over to form a loop and machine-stitched in a 'Z' to anchor:

These were then stitched onto the banner panel, making sure that the stitches went through the canvas, not just the top fabric:

There's a wider space in the middle to allow for the carrying pole.

That's a lot of it done, but still some work to do yet!

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