Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Daylight floor lamp

My eagerly-awaited Christmas present from my mum and dad was a new sewing lamp. My previous lamp, which wasn't much good anyway, had packed in, and I've been using an elderly Anglepoise lamp stood on a box. This was less than ideal.

Decent light is very important when sewing to prevent unnecessary strain on the eyes, and I'm rather ashamed at what I've been using up to now. Neither of the previous lamps were high enough to cast an even light on the whole embroidery I was working on, and as I invariably seemed to have my hand between the light and my sewing, the bit I was working on always seemed to be in shadow.

But not any more! For the past week or so I've been using my new lamp, and I absolutely love it. Here it is, in situ:

This is the Daylight Ultimate Floorstanding Lamp, Antique. Isn't it great? It's height adjustable, and the top swivels, so I can get a good light exactly where I need it. It's also on casters, so I can easily position it where I need it, too. I haven't used a daylight bulb before as I didn't think it would make much difference over an ordinary bulb, but it certainly does; it's a much bluer light than I'm used to, and seems clearer. I'm not using coloured threads at the moment, so it's hard to tell whether they really will look the same as in daylight; I need to try that and find out.

As well as the light itself, it has various other attachments for the crafter. The one I now can't imagine being without is the clamp for your chart or pattern. I've got my design held in that, but as the paper just drooped, I put a piece of board behind it. I thought this might be a bit heavy for either the clamp or the arm it's on, but it's held it beautifully. This is a big improvement over either having the design lying about on the chair, or taped to the drawing board over the other side of the room!

I haven't used either of these yet, but there are also a magnifying glass (here still in it's little bag, to keep it clean), and a tray for bits and pieces. This even has little prongs to hang skeins of thread from, which I like, even if I can't see I'll make much use of it (I usually use Madeira stranded cottons or silks, which come in packets) - it seems like a nice detail.

All in all, it makes my previous lighting arrangements seem even worse than I thought they were. Mum, dad: thanks!


  1. That looks great! At home I have a daylight lamp as well, but here it's just flourescent lighting everywhere!=( Oh well, it's only temporary.

    As the Daylight Company lamps were so horribly expensive, but I knew I really needed something like that, we got an ordinary floor lamp from Ikea with a head you can just pull to where you want it, (cost less than a tenner), and then just put a £4 Ddaylight bulb in it!=) Daylight lamp on the cheap.=)

  2. What a fantastic gift to get. You are gonna be happy with this one for years to come.

    Have a lovely day.

  3. I'll copy/paste this post to send to my husband...:) For long I sigh for a Daylight or Ottlite. Daylight doesn't sell out GB :( as far I understood.
    Hoping you haven't troubles with snow!

  4. @Elizabeth B: I've never had much luck with Ikea lights - they tend not to last too long in my experience. I hope yours does better!

    @Elizabeth: I already love the lamp (as you may have guessed!) and I think I'm going to be very happy with it for years.

    @Meri: the assembly instructions came in every language in Europe and a few more besides, so they must be available pretty much everywhere. I hope you can find one - and can persuade your husband to buy it!

    The snow here is quite bad - it's gone on for weeks and it's *still* snowing. It's stopped being fun now.

  5. I am thrilled you have a light you love. Nothing is better for a stitcher than good tools, so kudos to your parents. Now before you use the magnifier, go read this.


    Now make yourself a fabulous magnifier cover!