Thursday, 21 January 2010

Kate's Crow: spiral update 3

Last time, I had a chunk to finish, and then I'd have stitched all the design above the crow. So, how have I done? Not bad, actually.

Going in reverse order, here's what I'm currently working on, complete with some of the running stitches marking out the design, just as a reminder of how fiddly the whole thing is:

Once you can see the whole thing, you'll see that I've made quite a bit of progress. In fact, there's probably not much more than a quarter of the spirals left to do. Well, maybe a third:

The silhouette effect of the crow against the spirals is become quite clear now - I think it should really stand out once the rest are completed.

There's still a bit of work left to do, so there'll probably be another of these updates before we all get to see the finished article.

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