Monday, 25 January 2010

Kate's Crow: spiral update 4

All being well, this should be the last of the updates; next time you see Kate's Crow, it should be finished!

It's not quite there yet, though. Here's what I've just been working on:

So not too much more to do now! I wanted to finish all the spirals round the crow to make it stand out - I've got no patience, I'm afraid.

The full thing, as it stands:

I'm quite excited to see it all completed. Or all the embroidery, that is - it's to be made up into a fire screen. As it's all black and silver, I thought the best thing to set it off would be wrought iron. I've been in touch with an artist blacksmith, who seems quite keen on the idea. He's asked me to send sketches as a starting point, so he can see the sort of thing I have in mind, so I'm now working with Kate and her husband Nick on a design. I'll show you what we come up with once we have something we're all happy with.


  1. It's almost ready!
    Since I saw your design I could imagine it made in wrough iron for a gate or in a more little scale in silver for a brooch,could it be possible? :)

  2. I like the brooch idea! It might be a bit too fiddly as it is, but simplified a bit could work. I know someone who makes beautiful jewellery, I'll have to ask her some time.

  3. Oh, it's lovely. A great design.