Thursday, 7 January 2010

Kate's Crow: spiral update 1

First, the obligatory weather report: it's not snowing. But, as it's currently -6° Celsius (21° Fahrenheit) and falling, the snow we already have is not going anywhere any time soon. I don't have any scenic photos for you I'm afraid; I live in a city, and right now I'm very glad of it, as at least I can get to the shops and to work. This must be very difficult for those without decent access to services, and I hope you're all doing ok.

Kate's Crow is also doing ok - here's how it's looking at the moment:

You can see the stitching better in a close-up:

I think it's coming along quite nicely, if I say so myself, and as I'm not likely to be doing much else over the weekend, all things considered, I should have a bit more to show you next time.

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  1. Looks good so far! Stitching is the perfect activity for a cold day. Here in Maryland, USA, we're also in a deep cold spell. There's about an inch of snow on the ground already, but today is sunny.

    I've added new areas to my website where you can post a photo and story about a favorite piece you've made.

    I hope you'll share something, and I'd be happy to exchange a link back to your blog!