Monday, 22 March 2010

Kate's Crow: back from the blacksmith!

I've got Kate's Crow back! I'd heard from Brian Russell at Little Newsham Forge a little while ago to tell me that they'd started on the fire screen and it was coming along nicely, but it was still a surprise to hear from him to say it was finished and ready to be delivered. A very nice surprise, though, as I'm thrilled with what they've done:

Seen slightly from the side, you can see the feet better:

I know nothing whatsoever about metalwork, so I have no idea how difficult this was to achieve, but if you compare what they've done to the design sketch I sent, it is absolutely identical. I can't believe how accurately they've done it!

It isn't Kate's birthday for ages yet; I've said she can look at it once and then it's being put away until the big day. I hope she still likes it by the time she finally gets it!


  1. It is so much more than gorgeous. If I only knew a word that could describe this elegant piece. This is a job very well done. Your sister is a very, I mean a VERY lucky girl.

  2. It's wonderful!!! I think you are very proud and your sister very very happy! A splendid gift.

    It could sound as if I knew it was

  3. It's beautifully made,a very special unique gift.x

  4. Very nice - Kate has a wonderful sister as well as a very special gift.

  5. The fire screen is truly beautiful. One of a kind. Stunning!