Saturday, 20 March 2010

Spirograph I - finished the first spiral

The first spiral is finished, and here it is:

I'll have to try and take some photos in sunlight, assuming we ever get any, as it really does look better in real life - the fabric looks grey here, and it isn't, it's a sandy colour.

Anyway, that's the smallest of the spirals in this design, at almost 12cm (about 4.5") diameter. The other, larger, ones should be a bit less fiddly to do, as there'll be more space between the overlapping threads. That's the theory, anyhow!

The centre section is quite raised, with all the threads going over one another, which gives depth to the design, and casts some interesting shadows. It also has a basketwork look, though it isn't actually woven, which I like very much. All in all, and though I say so myself, I think it looks good.

I've made a start on the next one; this is larger, though I forgot to measure it (I'll try and remember next time). Seeing it next to the completed one gives it some scale, if you can make it out:

It'll be clearer next time, when I've got some of the gold couching done.


  1. It looks beautiful, Ruth!

    (is Kate's Crow already framed? have I missed any post? I'm curious...:)

  2. Thanks méri!

    That was very good timing, asking about Kate's Crow, as I heard from Brian the blacksmith today. I should have something to show you very soon...