Thursday, 4 March 2010

Spirograph I - starting the transfer

I got the Spirograph wall hanging designs printed out full size at a copy shop round the corner from work. I dropped the disc off, and came back to collect them just in time to see the chap in the shop trimming them to size. I'd much have preferred them left with some paper round the edge to tape them down, but never mind; I'll remember to ask for that next time. Still, having them trimmed does give a nice suggestion of what the final things should look like (all being well!).

Now I have the full-size designs, I can make the transfer for the first of the hangings. I think this will be easier if I can get round all sides, so I've temporarily moved operations into the dining room. Here's the design taped to the table:

I can't find any tracing paper big enough to cover this, and using lots of sheets stuck or stitched together could end up in a mess, so I'm trying kitchen greaseproof paper. This still isn't wide enough, so I've tacked two lengths together.

Unfortunately, it's also masking tape-proof; it just won't stick to it at all. I've used Sellotape to stick it to the table, which is a bit better, but it's still not that well anchored. I'll need to be careful about this when I'm tracing the designs, in case it shifts.

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