Wednesday, 4 August 2010

My workroom

I thought you might be interested in seeing my workroom, especially as it's newly tidy!  Over the last couple of weeks, my mum gave up her Sunday afternoons to help me sort out boxes and other accumulated stuff (thanks mum!), and things are much better organised now.

This side of the room is for working, though it does include some storage.

This table is perfect for standing and working at as it's higher than normal, and so I don't have to bend down and strain my back.  It's also steel topped, so it's great for cutting out.  The drawers beneath it are for threads - the coloured ribbons show which coloured threads are inside.  They also lift out completely, which is handy for rummaging.  (You might also recognise the Four Elements embroideries above the table!)

One very important piece of equipment also lives here: my iPod.  I listen to a lot of music when I'm sewing.

The second table contains my sewing machine, overlocker, iron and radio.  Space is a bit tight here, so when either the sewing machine or overlocker is in use, everything else has to be moved out of the way.

Moving further round, the bookshelves contain my art and design and textile books, plus other bits and pieces that I need frequently, such as pencils or the guillotine.

Further round again is mostly storage, plus my drawing board.

This is a new innovation after the tidying up exercise - all my sewing frames stored together in a basket:

They were in various cupboards, shelves or even (I'm afraid) on the floor before, so this is a big improvement!

More baskets hold all sorts of things: drawing paper and materials, stationery, camera equipment, bags, embroidery hoops, gift wrap, cuddly tiger - all sorts.

Nothing that functional here, though the cupboard in the corner contains all my fabrics.

The fabrics are arranged by colour, the same as the threads; plain cottons and linens are at the bottom.

And here's where I sit and stitch.  The daylight lamp is on casters, which is handy, and the wooden box next to the sofa contains my goldwork threads.  My biggest frame is set up with Spirograph II, ready to go, though strictly speaking I haven't finished off the others yet!  I'm not going to allow myself to start on the embroidery until I'm finished the backs of the other panels first, or they'll never get done.

So, that's where I do all my design and sewing work.  I'm very lucky to have a dedicated space, and it's a pleasure to use.


  1. What a lovely workroom do you have. Nice to read that you also enjoy music while stitching.

    Have a lovely evening.

  2. Beautiful!
    I'm envy :) Nice place to work, Ruth

  3. Ruth,
    What a nice workroom! I always have my ipod, too. I alternate between music and books, but find I have to turn off the books when I need to concentrate. Love the hardwood floors.

  4. Hi Ruth,Beautiful!
    You would faint if you saw how messy my work space is..I think I need you to help me sort it out!!

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